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Attitude Determination & Control System

Our plug-and-play iADCS200 range of fully integrated attitude control systems are flight proven with low power requirements.

The versatile iADCS200 solutions were designed for the CubeSat form factor with modularity in mind to fit various mission requirements. The series is equipped with three magnetorquers and can be further upgraded with the RW210 series reaction wheels, one or more ST200 star tracker, external sun sensors, magnetometers, or a precision IMU.

With the PC104 compatible footprint and a volumetric envelope of 0.3U the system can be placed anywhere in the CubeSat stack. This flexible, and reliable unit offers powerful actuation capability to your platform. The iADCS200 features an internal fire-and-forget controller, which frees up the host processor’s workload, providing pointing and de-tumbling modes.

The iADCS200 is a fully autonomous integrated ADCS system aimed at small satellites with a 3U-CubeSat form factor or similar. It is a joint development of AAC Clyde Space and Berlin Space Technologies.

The iADCS200 can be combined with optional external magnetometer, precision gyro, sun sensors or GNSS receivers.


The iADCS200 is delivered with a PC104- compatible footprint, consuming the space of 2 standard CubeSat PCB, or a total of 0.3 U. The CubeSat connector is fed through, allowing designers to place this system anywhere in the CubeSat stack with plug-and-play ready design.

Control Algorithms 

The iADCS200 features an internal fire-and-forget controller, which frees up the host processor’s workload, providing nadir, sun and target-pointing modes, as well as backup detumbling and control system has target pointing, sun pointing, nadir pointing, fast spin mode (max 200° using magnetorquers) and de-tumbling.


The iADCS200 has been flying in various modular configurations since 2017.

Why the iADCS200?

  • Up to 1 A.m² of magnetic dipole moment
  • Interfaces for six external sun sensors
  • Fire-and-forget control
  • Built-in pointing modes
  • Best suited for 3U systems

Technical Specifications

Total momentum storage per axis +/- 1.5; +/- 3.0; +/- 6.0 mN.m.s
Maximum torque > 0.087 mN.m
Nominal magnetic moment 0.2 (X; Y); 0.1 (Z) A.m2
Attitude determination accuracy 30 arcseconds (3-sigma)
Pointing accuracy < <1 °
Slew rate > 1.52 °/s
Radiation tolerance > 459 krad (Si)
Operating temperature - 45 / - 20 to + 40 / + 857 °C
Outer dimensions 95 x 90 x 32 mm
Mass 400 / 435 / 470 g
Electrical specifications
Min. Typ. Max
Supply voltage (V) 4.0 5.0 15
Bus logic level voltage (V) Referenced to Vsys Referenced to Vsys Referenced to Vsys
Power consumption
Idle (mW) - 1150
Nominal (mW) - 1400
Peak (mW) - 4000 4500

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