Who we are


Who we are

Sometimes we need to take a step back from a problem in order to solve it.

The bigger the problem, the further we need to go.

How far do we go to solve the most complex problems in the world?

Outer space.

Space harbours the insight and perspective to address the most pressing challenges the planet faces.

Imagine. How many lives, homes and businesses could be saved by better hurricane forecasts? What opportunities could we create by bringing online the 3.5 billion people without internet access?

Small satellites are enabling us finally to meet these challenges, and many more. The data they collect, or ‘space data’, empowers us to make better decisions that improve life on Earth.

But to be impactful, this data must be relevant, high-quality, timely – and accessible to those who need it.

That’s where AAC Clyde Space come in.

About us

We’re a New Space company that specialises in small satellite technologies and services that enable businesses, governments, and educational organisations to access high-quality, timely data from space. This data has a vast range of applications, from weather forecasting to precision farming to environmental monitoring, and is essential to improving our quality of life on Earth.

Our main operations of the collective AAC Clyde Space AB Group are in Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA, and South Africa, with partner networks in Japan and South Korea. See our Contact Us page for more information.

The brand AAC Clyde Space was formed in 2019, formed from the mother company ÅAC Microtec, based in Uppsala, and their acquired company Clyde Space Ltd., based in Glasgow, both of which were founded in 2005 and had/have extensive mission heritage. Our Uppsala site is not only our head office, but it also specialises in advanced satellite components and is now gearing up for satellite manufacturing. Our Glasgow Facility is our nucleus for satellite manufacture, specialises in advanced satellite components and is part of our satellite operations service.

Our Brands

Innovation happens by connecting the dots between different ideas, disciplines and people to solve real problems. It doesn’t happen on paper – it happens in practice.

We’re proud to combine diverse specialisms and open thinking to deliver true innovation for our clients – backed by more than 15 years of proven, operational experience. Find out about each of our companies below.



We believe that excellence happens by making the right choices over and over again.


We are continuously moving forward, anticipating our market needs and pioneering new ideas.


We treat each other fairly and with respect.
We want everyone to be part of the team.


Strong relationships with our customers are vital to our business.
We recognise that a client's perception is their reality.


We act openly and with honesty.
We stand behind our promises.