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CubeSat Maritime AIS Receiver

Our next generation AAC SpaceQuest STS-300 AIS Receiver is a 6-Channel on board processing (OBP) AIS payload capable of receiving more than 1 million AIS messages per day.

The STS-300 is AAC SpaceQuest’s 4th generation design leveraging the technical and operational insights gained from developing and flying AIS receivers for the past 7 years to offer a truly reliable high-performance solution.

The STS-300 covers all AIS channels in the maritime band, from 156 to 162 MHz. This high performing payload, derived from the flight proven STS-200 is ideal for CubeSat and MicroSat missions with size, weight, and power constraints.

This versatile and high-quality AlS Receiver is not only compatible with major AIS-ready navigation systems, but it also comes as one easy-to-install package.


AAC SpaceQuest have flown the AIS receiver’s product family for the past 7 years and as such have leveraged the technical and operational insights gained to offer a truly reliable high-performance solution.


This maritime AIS payload is capable of receiving more than 1 million AIS messages per day. This high performance comes with low power requirements.


The STS-300 has inherited extensive mission knowhow, and innovation accumulated from three previous product generations.

Why the STS-300?

  • Easy to configure stand-alone AIS receiver
  • Low Power S-AIS Receiver
  • Derived from High Heritage STS-200
  • 6 Independent Frequency Agile Receivers
  • Integrated LNA and Bandpass Filters
  • Automated Duplicate Message Removal

Technical Specifications

Channel Coverage All AIS Channels in Maritime Band (156 to 162 MHz)
Input Voltage 2.5V – 5.0V DC
Power Consumption 400mW – 650mW
Data Output 115 kHz Asynchronous Serial; 3.3 Volt TTL
Mass 180g (Including Aluminum Enclosure)
Packet Threshold -95 dBm at 90% Throughput
RF/IF Characteristics
Receivers 6 Independently Tunable FM Receivers
Frequency Range 156 MHz – 163 MHz Tunable in 1 kHz Steps
IF Bandwidth 12 kHz or 15 kHz Filter Options
1st IF Image Rejection 45 dB Minimum @ Frx – 2*18.745 MHz
2nd IF Image Rejection 43 dB Minimum @ Frx + 2*455kHz
Out of Band Rejection > 90 dB Suppression of Signals between 400 and 2500 MHz
Mechanical and Connector Options
Connector 104-pin CubeSat Standard or 60-pin Samtec FT5
Enclosure Sold With or Without Aluminum Enclosure
Volume 95.9mm x 90.2mm x 20mm (Cubesat Configuration) 80mm x 85mm x 20mm (Samtec FT5 Configuration)

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