Our payload solutions offer a range of capabilities enabling numerous applications, from earth observation to ship tracking mission data. From our high-speed versatile Smart Optical Imager, the AIS payload capable of receiving more than 1 million AIS messages per day to our general-purpose processing platform with almost limitless flexibility.

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AAC Hyperion


This miniaturised module allows for powerful data processing and application flexiblility.
fft2g spectrometer

FFT2G Spectrometer

The FFT2G spectrometer is a second generation customisable spectrum analysing device with up to 8 independent inputs and an impressive bandwidth of up to 5 GHz (10 GSps).
AAC Hyperion


Our versatile IM200 Smart Optical Imager comes with 4 Mpixel resolution, a high-speed data interface and various lens options.
AAC SpaceQuest


Our next generation AAC SpaceQuest STS-300 AIS Receiver (Ship Tracking System) is a 6-Channel AIS on board processing (OBP) satellite AIS payload, and is capable of receiving more than 1 million AIS messages per day.

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