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The 2nd generation FFT2G spectrometer is a customisable spectrum analysing device designed for optimised high bandwidth and high resolution.

Designed and built by our team at AAC Omnisys for ground based applications and more specifically, radio astronomy, the FFT2G is robust, reliable and allows for flexibility with configurable signal processing Field Programmable Gate Array as a core feature. The FFT2G (Fast Fourier Transform) spectrometer provides impressive bandwidth with each module processing eight input signals with bandwidth of 125 MHz in 8192 spectral channels. Used as a stand-along backend measurement device in a laboratory environment or built into a bigger system with multiple modules allowing an increase in both bandwidth and resolution even further to cope with multi pixel frontend designs.


A core feature of the FFT2G backend is a configurable signal processing Field Programmable Gate Array. This controls the dual multi-core high speed analogue to digital converter and computes the FFT power spectrums. The flexibility of the FPGA opens an indefinite variety of options or features to be added.


The FFT2G has an impressive 5000 MHz instantaneous bandwidth sampled by high-speed ADCs and processed by a highly effective real-time pipelined and parallel FFT-core.


The spectrometer has a 32-bit fine power amplitude resolution for all frequency channels accumulated during FFT integration time.

Why the FFT2G?

  • Input channels up to 8
  • Input bandwidth up to 5000 MHz
  • FFT frequency resolution up to 32k channels
  • Single supply voltage 12 V
  • Supply power consumption < 40 W

Technical Specifications

Outer dimensions (mm) 220 x 115 x 25
Mass (g) 750
Electrical / Interface Min Typ Max
Power consumption (W) - 40 -
Supply voltage (V) - 12 -
General purpose IO voltage (V) 0 3.3 5
USB2.0 data (Mbit/s) - 480 -
Performance Min Typ Max
IF inputs 1 - 8
IF input full scale power (dBm) - -3 -
IF bandwidth (MHz) - - 5000
Sampling frequency (MHz) - - 10000
Sampling ADC resolution (bits) - 10 -
FFT frequency resolution (channels) - - 32768
FFT channel resolution (bits) - 32 -
FFT integration time (s) 0.1 - 10
Off-the-shelf firmware
Part ID Mode Description (inputs x bandwidth, channels)
126 IQ 1 x 5000 MHz, 16384 channels
235 IQ 1 x 5000 MHz, 16384 channels, polyphase
277 Real 2 x 2500 MHz, 8192 channels
766 Real 1 x 2500 MHz, 32768 channels
3978 Real 2 x 1250 MHz, 16384 channels
4050 Real 4 x 1250 MHz, 4096 channels
4070 Real 8 x 650 MHz, 2048 channels

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