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The Sirius TCM LEON3FT has inherited advanced error detection and correction in it’s design. The real-time operating system runs on a LEON3FT fault-tolerant soft processor, compliant to IEEE 1754 SPARC v8, and fault tolerance is secured by using triple-modular redundancy on FPGA and memory scrubbing.

The Sirius TCM comes with S-band and X-band transceiver interfaces and offers the ability to update software on orbit via telecommands.

Sirius spacecraft avionics are modular in design, modules can be combined to offer redundant configurations or to simply accommodate mission specific requirements. The OBC runs mission specific software and manage the spacecraft system. The TCM receives and stores payload data and platform housekeeping data while at the same time distributing telecommands and serving mass memory data to the transceiver

  • Compatible with leading ground station networks
  • Included S-band and X-band transceiver interfaces
  • With pulse commands for low level, basic commanding.
  • Designed and qualified for five years in LEO.
  • Reliable high-performance space data handling avionics
  • Tolerant to Single-Event-Effects (SEE) in logic and data storage
  • Designed for five years in LEO


AAC SpaceQuest


The Q7S command and data handling solution has been designed to support price-sensitive commercial missions that require reliable, qualified solutions. The Q7s solutions small size, low mass and power consumption make it ideal for aerospace applications.

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