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High Performance On-Board Computer

Our next generation Sirius Command and Data Handling solution, Sirius QuadCore, has been engineered for high performance data processing for New Space nanosatellite missions.

This cutting-edge space data handling solution runs mission specific software and can manage the spacecraft system as well as payload computing processing. This solution was designed for advanced satellite constellations in LEO and deep space exploration missions and utilises a powerful processor, LEON4FT, to deliver ‘always on’ reliable operations that work every time, on time, with precision performance.

Not only does is surpass its predecessor in processing capability it also comes with inbuilt protections, based on over a decade of error correction design heritage to guarantee realtime-on-time operations. With this enhanced error detection and correction, the Sirius QuadCore is tolerant to Single-Event- Effects (SEE) in logic and data storage. Fault tolerance is secured through TMR (Triple-Modular Redundancy) on boot flash and EDAC (Error Detection and Correction) on memories. Making this one of the most reliable C&DH solutions available on the market.

With multi-core processing capability and low power, the Sirius QuadCore is designed with the most demanding missions in mind. It has a standard single string system, the unit combines our flight proven on-board computer (Sirius OBC), quad core computing and a combined mass memory with CCSDS stack (Sirius TCM). The TCM receives and stores payload data and platform housekeeping data and can at the same time distribute telecommands and serve mass memory and real time data to the transceiver. Sirius spacecraft avionics are modular in design, modules can be combined to offer new configurations or to simply accommodate mission specific requirements.


Our solution utilises a 250 MHz LEON4 quad core fault-tolerant processor, which can run Linux or RTEMS real-time operating system compliant to IEEE 1754 SPARCv8.


Sirius QuadCore solution have fault tolerance for uninterrupted software execution in the presence of eventual errors. The inbuilt protections are based on over a decade of error correction design heritage to guarantee realtime-on-time operations. This next generation solution is designed and qualified for five years in LEO.


The Sirius QC adopts a modular design approach which enables easy system integration. This solution utilises CAN bus for low level commanding and monitoring, and a SpaceWire router for fast communication between subsystems/ payloads.

Technical Specifications

Design Life 5-7 years in LEO
Processor Quad core LEON4 (IEEE-1754 SPARC v8) fault-tolerant processor @ max 250MHz/core
Operating System LEON Linux 4.9 or RTEMS 5*
Toolchain GCC (10.2.0)
Capabilities MMU and double precision FPU IEEE-754 (1 FPU/core)
SMP support Multiprocessor interrupt controller for asymmetric and symmetric multiprocessing
Instruction cache 2 MiB Level-2 cache
Boot memory MRAM (bootflash) 2Mbit
Image memory SPI-Flash 256Mbit
SDRAM Memory SDRAM 4Gbit data plus 2Gbit EDAC
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +60°C
Radiation (TiD) 20 kRAD (qualified >30 kRAD, Si)
Electrical Interfaces
4x Space wire Up to 300Mbit (inbuilt router)
2x CAN Supports CAN 2.0b
1x UART Serial comm (RS422)
1x SPI
Internal/ext comm SPI SPI flash, ADC
Debug Debug and programming purpose with GRMON (uses External debugger unit delivered with the product)
Reset input (debug) Active low reset (resets the board approx 30ms)
Size Weight & Power
Length 100 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 15 mm
Mass ~100 grams (PCBA)
Input Voltage 5-12 V
Normal Power Consumption 4W

Sirius QuadCore

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