ESA Arctic Weather Satellite

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ESA Arctic Weather Satellite

ESA’s Arctic Weather Satellite is an initial prototype mission that aims to demonstrate the usefulness of radiometric measurements to improve weather forecasts in the Arctic region and globally.

The final solution would involve a full constellation of satellites to provide more frequent measurement, something that cannot be achieved by the larger geostationary satellites already in use to depict the areas.

OHB Sweden is the mission prime contractor for the Arctic Weather Satellite, providing the satellite platform and system integration. AAC Omnisys, part of the AAC Clyde Space group, have delivered a cutting-edge weather sensor payload to OHB Sweden which has been successfully integrated into their InnoSat platform. AAC Clyde Space has been contracted to deliver the Sirius command and data handling units and the Starbuck power system, with mission specific customization.

ESA’s Arctic Weather Satellite (AWS) demonstration mission aims to simultaneously improve weather forecasts in the Arctic region and globally, while enhancing our understanding of climate change. The European Space Agency’s Arctic Weather mission will provide frequent coverage of Earth for improved nowcasting and numerical weather prediction. The program aims to build on existing Arctic monitoring satellites, such as MetOp and MetOp SG, and provide precise, short-term weather forecasts for the Arctic region.

This 120kg AWS satellite, planned to launch 2024, is the forerunner of a potential constellation of satellites that would supply an almost constant stream of temperature and humidity data from every location on Earth. Meteorologists will also use the mission to improve weather forecasts around the world.

Weather Payload

AAC Omnisys has developed and built an innovative scientific weather payload in Gothenburg specifically for this mission, a passive microwave radiometer, which will provide temperature and humidity measurements of the atmospheric layers, this data will be used for Numerical Weather Prediction and Nowcasting.

AAC Clyde Space is also supplying a high-performance STARBUCK power system from its range of microsatellite products, and a Sirius Command and Data Handling System, both designed and built at its Uppsala, Sweden, site.

OHB Sweden is prime contractor for the mission which also uses OHB Sweden’s InnoSat platform. The entire AWS industrial team includes 31 companies from 12 countries. The Arctic Weather Satellite is funded under a contract with the European Space Agency under the Earth Watch program.

The ESA Arctic Weather Satellite has become a flagship project for us, charting an exciting development path by combining the AAC Omnisys weather sensors with our classic core avionics. We are proud to be able to take such a central role in this project
AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes