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Connecting the underserved

According to Cisco’s 2020 Internet Report, around half the world’s population still does not have internet access. The lack of coverage prevents billions of people from accessing communications that most of the developed world now takes for granted, from GPS and video streaming to precision farming solutions that could increase crop yields and save water.

NSLComm is working to change this, by using nanosatellites to deliver fast, reliable and affordable communications even in the most remote places on Earth. It has chosen AAC Clyde Space to provide a full end-to-end mission service package, from mission design, satellite manufacture and test to operations and data supply.

Each satellite is equipped with an antenna that unfolds into a dish shape only after it has entered orbit – this means smaller satellites can be used, which brings costs down to a level that is economically viable. The dish can be used for a range of applications, from IoT to agriculture to asset tracking.

AAC Clyde Space delivered the first of these 6U satellites to NSLComm in 2019, which has reached most of its mission goals.