Astroscale AAC Clyde Space


AAC Clyde Space, a leading New space company, has been selected by Astroscale UK Ltd to co-engineer their satellite platform for a UK-based space debris removal programme known as End-of-Life Services by Astroscale (ELSA-M). The contract, valued at 260,000 GBP, is expected to be completed at the start of 2022.

AAC Clyde Space will design and update its Starbuck power subsystem, Sirius avionics and other systems to meet the requirements of this specific mission.

“Astroscale’s ELSA-M programme will build on the technology and capability of the ELSA-d demonstration debris removal mission this year. The ELSA-M servicer will be optimised to remove multiple pieces of debris in a single mission, from Low Earth Orbit, and ensure that next generation telecommunication satellite missions can de-orbit safely,” explains Managing Director of Astroscale UK and Group Chief Commercial Officer, John Auburn.

“Traffic in Low Earth Orbit is expected to increase exponentially over the coming decade. In order for the space economy to progress effectively, and safely, the industry needs to adopt new practices to minimise space debris. We are happy to help to create pioneering solutions that support Astroscale’s efforts to actively remove debris from the small satellite space highways,” says AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes.

Founded in 2013, Astroscale is developing innovative and scalable solutions to create sustainable space systems and mitigate the growing and hazardous build-up of debris in space. Astroscale UK has been defining the business case for debris removal services since 2017, leading the Mission Operations and commercialisation of the company’s End-of-Life services, including developing the ELSA-M multi-client service development. ELSA-M was recently funded by the UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and OneWeb ‘Sunrise’ programme award.