Leveraging the Benefits of Space

to Accelerate Sustainable Development


The First Mauritian Satellite, MIR-SAT-1

AAC Clyde Space delivered Mauritius’ first satellite, a 1U CubeSat (MIR-SAT-1), to the Mauritius Research & Innovation Council (MRIC) in 2021. The satellite was designed in collaboration with MRIC’s Engineers and built in AAC Clyde Space’s Glasgow facilities and was delivered to JAXA to be deployed from the Japanese Experiment Module, KiboCUBE, on the ISS.

Establishing Mauritian Space Infrastructure

This mission was part of a UNOOSA initiative (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs) in partnership with JAXA. UNOOSA works to help countries access and leverage the benefits of space to accelerate sustainable development. This project is an important step in helping Mauritius to establish its own space infrastructure to tackle three issues of national priority identified by its government:

  1. Ocean surveillance and optimal management of ocean resources (e.g., tackling fish depletion) in the Mauritian Exclusive Economic Zone, which is about 2.3 million km2
  2. Road traffic congestion
  3. Natural disaster mitigation (i.e., frequent flooding)

Importantly, the project also serves as a model for other Small Island Developing States.

MRIC are delighted with the performance of the MIR-SAT-1. Our satellite was designed in collaboration with AAC Clyde Space and built in their Glasgow facilities. The company were upfront and transparent about feasibility, costings and timelines from the beginning. Our dedicated project manager worked with our team each step of the way ensuring consistent communication throughout. They have delivered on all points: power, operational readiness, command and control, data delivery and customer service.
Dr VIckram Bissonauth, Research Coordinator, Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

AAC Clyde Space has also supported MRIC in supplying and establishing their first Ground Station, located at their headquarters in Ebene.

The satellite was deployed into space from the International Space Station, 22nd June 2021. Footage of the deployment can be seen here

MIR-SAT1 re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere April 2022. MRIC have stated the MIR-SAT1 mission has been a success on all fronts.

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