aac space africa


AAC Space Africa, part of the AAC Clyde Space group, is bringing in-house the manufacture and distribution of the Pulsar range of satellite communication systems after licensing the technology.

The Pulsar range is already part of the AAC Clyde Space offering, having proven its outstanding performance and excellent quality in many missions since 2012, including in AAC built satellites. AAC Space Africa is the group’s centre for radio communication systems and the license will enable it to reduce delivery lead times whilst building on existing experience as a manufacturer.

“Bringing the Pulsar range inhouse highlights our commitment to the African market and AAC Space Africa’s role in our group. It also helps us to maintain the high quality and reliability that is the foundation of the AAC Clyde Space brand,”¬†says¬†AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes.

The Pulsar range includes UHF/UHF and UHF/VHF transceivers, S-band transmitters and patch antennas, for both commercial and amateur bands.

AAC Clyde Space founded AAC Space Africa in 2021 to capitalize on the rapidly growing market for satellites and space services in Africa. AAC Space Africa designs, builds, and delivers space missions to the continent from its Cape Town base in South Africa’s Western Cape Province.