in-orbit production


AAC Clyde Space, a leading New Space company, has received a EUR 234 k (approx. SEK 2.6 M) order from UK-based Space Forge to provide space products for a demonstration spacecraft designed to leverage the space environment for production and experiments, capable of performing multiple trips to space.


The order follows orders in December 2020, and January 2022 to the same project. The reusable spacecraft is intended to deorbit in a controlled manoeuvre to deliver its products and results back to Earth after six months in-orbit, thereby enabling efficient production and revolutionary experiments by leveraging the micro gravity in-orbit. The spacecraft is designed for re-entry into the atmosphere and landing on Earth. Back on Earth the satellites will be recovered, refurbished, and eventually re-launched.

The order is for an integrated attitude determination and control system and a Kryten OBC to be used as ground reference to the ForgeStar-1 mission, forming a complete attitude and control system for the spacecraft. The instruments provide high pointing accuracy and unmatched computing power to the spacecraft and makes it highly agile. AAC Clyde Space expects to have completed delivery of the order during the second quarter 2023.

“AAC is proud to extend the collaboration with Space Forge on this revolutionary project, pushing the boundaries of the possible,” says AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes.

“We’re pleased to be continuing our work with AAC Clyde Space on the ForgeStar-1 mission. Collaboration is key to innovation and this will enable us to establish reliable return, with the ultimate goal of offering microgravity as a service,” says Space Forge CEO and Co-founder Joshua Western.

The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a continuous space-based production by a monthly satellite launch. A test campaign of several satellites is planned to bring the service to commercialisation and shall be supported by AAC Clyde Space.