Ready for launch earth observation spacecraft

EPIC VIEW spacecraft are supplied to our customers as a fully integrated platform with optical payloads in-built, ready to go!

Designed for Earth Observation applications, our compact flight ready 6U CubeSats are highly integrated and utilize in-built precision engineered avionics with decades of heritage from our widely used CubeSat subsystems.

The EPIC View can generate space data for a wide array of applications right here on earth, from weather forecasting, tracking, and monitoring biodiversity and wildlife trends, smart urban planning, smart agriculture to the analysis of key climate change variables.

These ready for launch 6U spacecraft are tailored to your earth observation mission. Our high-performance attitude determination and control system and high data-rate design features are never compromised when rapidly manufactured. It’s performance leading spacecraft with a quick delivery.

The EPIC VIEW has increased performance, versatility, and unrivalled operational up-time, offering unparalleled reliability for your mission. Each spacecraft is supported by EPIC -SAFE, AAC Clyde Space’s propriety hardware and software solution offering ‘always on’ operation and robust recovery mechanisms, as well as AES256 encryption authentication security.

Leveraging AAC Clyde Space’s 100% success rate in delivering CubeSat missions, the EPIC VIEW standard delivers industry-leading performance. Designed for rapid repeatable builds, this eagle eye from space solution makes constellations of satellites more achievable for missions requiring global coverage.

Available with Simera Sense xScape 100

Fast downlink to meet your data needs

High-precision, high-accuracy ADCS

Premium platform with unparalleled flight heritage

Rapidly manufactured flight ready satellite

EPIC-SAFE for reliable, secure data transmission

Resilient command and data handling

Quality Engineer Glasgow

Epic Features

  • 1 Power

    Payload OAP available: 10 W

  • 2 Attitude Determination and Control

    Pointing knowledge: ≤ 0.01 deg
    Pointing accuracy: ≤ 0.1 deg
    GPS included

  • 3 Communication

    TMTC: 128 kbps (↑) / 512 kbps (↓) (S-band)
    Payload Data: 80 Mbps (↓) (X-band)

  • 4 Data Storage

    4 GB (min) on platform
    128 GB on payload

  • 5 Payload

    Options include: Hyperspectral, RGB, multispectral or customer supplied

1 2 3 4 5

Applications for EPIC View

The EPIC VIEW provides the perfect Birdseye view for range of earth observation missions

Weather Forecasting

From higher-quality weather imaging, cloud characterisation, to the measurement of ocean surface winds, soil moisture content and tropical cyclone intensity.

Tracking biodiversity and wildlife trends

Disaster Management

Monitoring and responding to disasters, including fires, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis


Geological mapping, analysis of surface water bodies to crop mapping.

Climate change

Predicting, adapting to and mitigating climate change.

Urban planning

Differentiation of urbanized areas and other land use and land cover applications.

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