CubeSat Structure

Our lightweight CubeSat structure range is one of the most user-friendly on the market. Designed with adaptability and ease of integration in mind, it can support even the most bespoke payload configuration.

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The AAC Clyde Space ZAPHOD CubeSat Structure range, 1U to 6U, is extensively tested and qualified to all major launch vehicle standards, our flight proven best-in-class range of CubeSat structures are designed with a high level of modularity, supporting even the most bespoke payload configuration.

These lightweight CubeSat structures solutions have been designed specifically with adaptability and ease of integration in mind and are some of the more user-friendly structures on the market. The modular chassis design can easily be customized specific to your mission requirements. Available off-the-shelf with a choice of shear panel or standard cut-out pattern, the structures can be customized including bespoke cut-outs and deployable panels.

  • 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U & 12U form factors available
  • Compliant with CubeSat design specification
  • NASA GEVS compliant
  • Compatible with all rail-deployers
  • Deployment switches ensure this range is compatible with manned flights
  • ISS compatible, lightweight, qualified design
  • Maximizes internal volume
  • Ease of access during integration with customisable internal stack layout”

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