Solar Arrays

The AAC Clyde Space plug-and-play PHOTON solar array solutions integrate easily with our platform range; from body mounted to single deployable, double deployable and triple deployed solar panels, optimizing power generation from any side of your satellite. We utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to deliver high performing, low-mass, power generation solutions to our customers.

Providing over a decade of flight heritage our PHOTON solar array solutions have and an unparalleled track record on orbit. With extensive testing carried out and proven deployment mechanisms our solutions can provide the reliability your mission requires.

  • CubeSat compatible solar panels
  • Supporting designs for a wide range of spacecraft, from 1U to SmallSats
  • Designed to withstand NASA GEVS qualification testing
  • PCB Substrate with space-grade Kapton coverlay
  • Spectrolab XTJ-Prime solar cells
  • Coarse Sun sensors, Temperature sensors, and Magnetorquers included
  • Fine Sun sensors as optional equipment
  • Connectors to EPS and ADCS
  • Compatible with AAC Clyde Space CubeSat Structures



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Designed and qualified for maximum power generation and ease of platform integration. Our off-the shelf Solar Arrays offer over a decade of flight heritage and quality assurance. Double and Triple deployable solar arrays are available for missions requiring additional capacity for their CubeSat. These are recommended depending on customer power requirements and deployed along the long edge of the spacecraft.

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