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Smallsat Power Conditioning & Distribution Units

For larger small satellites, our STARBUCK-MICRO Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU) will provide reliable and efficient power handling for your mission. With the ability to utilise either a Direct Energy Transfer or Maximum Power Point Tracker architectures, these larger EPS units are able to meet most small satellite mission demands.  The Starbuck-Micro design builds on heritage from previous missions with customers such as ESA, NASA, JAXA and other commercial organisations. A number of design features are implemented to achieve optimized reliability characteristics.

The Starbuck-Micro PCDU (Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit) was initially developed under a Swedish national mission and tailored to the requirements of the LEO microsatellite bus InnoSat. This is a state-of-the-art spacecraft architecture designed for innovative low cost research missions. High-performance power solution for small satellite platforms.

Its modular design approach delivers scalability and easy tailoring of interfaces, equipment can be accommodated through the addition of modular design elements to mission requirements.

The flexible and modular PCDU is designed for mission life of up to five years in LEO and implements both power conditioning and distribution of the regulated 28 V battery bus, as well an auxiliary isolated 5 V bus.

  • High-performance power solution for small satellite platforms.
  • Modular design approach delivers scalability and easy tailoring of interfaces to mission requirements
  • With Maximum Power Point Tracking or S3R battery charge regulation for advanced power management.
  • Reliability and qualification levels suitable for many different mission types.
  • Multiple inbuilt protection methods to deliver mission success (we’ve got your back!)
  • Integrated MTQ driver with precision current control.
  • Combines COTS and radiation hardened components to optimizes the reliability and performance characteristics of the ITAR free system.

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AAC Clyde Space’s small satellite PCDU (Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit) solutions have demonstrated impressive space-based capabilities stretching across a range of applications, gaining a market reputation for reliability, resiliency and performance.


The AAC Clyde Space STARBUCK range of Electrical Power Systems are the cornerstone of any mission, with hundreds of systems delivered and no on-orbit failures reported you will struggle to find a more reliable option.

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