Extensively tested and qualified to all major launch vehicle standards, our flight proven best-in-class range of structures are designed with a high level of modularity, supporting even the most bespoke payload configuration.

These lightweight structures solutions have been designed specifically with adaptability and ease of integration in mind.

  • Compatible with all rail-deployers
  • Deployment switches ensure this range is compatible with manned flights.
  • ISS compatible, lightweight, qualified design
  • Maximizes internal volume
  • Ease of access during integration with customisable internal stack layout


Structures (2.5 MB PDF)



Designed for 1U to 12U form factors, our structures have been designed to permit a high-level of customization without the need for expensive redesign. Complying with NASA’s General Environmental Verification Standard (GEVS) requirements, each structure is fitted with anodized rails and deployment switches.

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