Electrical Power Systems

The AAC Clyde Space STARBUCK range of Electrical Power Systems are the cornerstone of any mission, with hundreds of systems delivered and no on-orbit failures reported you will struggle to find a more reliable option. Whether you need direct energy transfer or maximum power point tracking, full redundancy or graceful degradation you can count on our high quality solutions.   

With its versatile design and unparalleled track record on orbit, we pride ourselves on our consistent high quality subsystems. Our STARBUCK range has been developed with an extensive system knowledge and experience across many missions meaning there is almost certainly a system ready to meet your needs. Read more here.

The STARBUCK-PICO and STARBUCK-NANO EPS boards are specifically designed to meet the volume and power demands typically required for 1U to 16U CubeSat missions (although many of our customers also use the STARBUCK-NANO-PLUS for larger small satellites as well). 

For larger small satellites, our STARBUCK-MICRO and STARBUCK-MINI Power Control and Distribution Units (PCDU) will provide reliable and efficient power handling for your mission.  With the ability to utilise either a Direct Energy Transfer or Maximum Power Point Tracker architectures, these larger EPS units are able to meet most small satellite mission demands.  

As with all AAC Clyde Space products, our STARBUCK EPS range is designed and manufactured to a high quality and qualified for use on orbit.  No other EPS on the market offers the heritage and piece of mind as the STARBUCK range.  

  • Modular design approach delivers scalability and easy tailoring of interfaces to mission requirements
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking or Direct Energy Transfer employing reliable, analogue components 
  • Multiple inbuilt protection methods to deliver mission success (we've got your back!)
  • Compatible with AAC Clyde Space solar panels and battery range, meeting ISS Manned Flight design requirements when combined.




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Our EPS the most robust solution in the CubeSat market. Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking which provides a highly-efficient battery charge mechanism, that maximizes the power generation from the CubeSat.

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Our PCDU design builds on heritage from previous missions with customers such as ESA, NASA, JAXA and other commercial organisations. A number of design features are implemented to achieve optimized reliability characteristics.

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“AAC Clyde Space has been a valuable partner that was able to help our team to develop the product specifications and support our spacecraft integration and assembly teams, quickly and reliably. We chose their power systems solution because of the excellent functional specifications, the unparalleled support with tools for development of our application, the ease of integration, and above all, the reliability and excellent build quality of the equipment, something which is vitally important to York.”

Michael Lajczok, Director of Programs & Operations for York Space Systems

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