Our range of batteries are amongst the most flown spacecraft battery in history.  With thousands of units shipped to missions across the globe, and hundreds of units on orbit, our battery offers unrivalled on-orbit heritage. Our batteries also come with built in features such as thermostatically controlled heaters and sensors.

The combination of using strings of cells connected in parallel, with cell protection electronics, means that our batteries are robust, resilient and offer inherent redundancy.  In addition, the use of protected parallel strings allows us to easily and safely scale the battery to meet different mission requirements.

Unlike many in the industry, we purchase our battery cells in large batches and then subject the cells to extensive LOT acceptance testing. During this process we also qualify a large portion of the cells to the NASA ISS requirements.  The high quality of the cell and battery builds make them perfect for the use the challenging environment of space.  

Spacecraft developers can't take chances with battery selection as it is so critical to the success of the mission.  Having already demonstrated excellent performance on orbit on over 100 missions over the last 10 or more years, our battery ticks all the right boxes.  

  • Highly scalable capacity 
  • Qualified to NASA standards EP-Wi-032
  • Integrated thermostatically controlled heaters
  • Compatible with International Space Station
    deployment safety requirements
  • Under-voltage and over-voltage protection
  • String over-current protection



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Our Optimus Batteries are optimised for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions with a maximum altitude of 850km. They are compatible with a wide variety of launch platforms, including manned missions, when integrated into suitable platforms. If you are intending to launch your CubeSat from a manned flight platform we can perform additional qualification and acceptance testing in order to meet the necessary safety conditions.

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